Both PP and PE can be injected, depending on the final quality and features required of the part.

Our facilities are equipped the following injection lines:

  • 2 low-pressure injection lines. Uniloy 500 t with foaming and structural web capacity.
  • 2 1800 t high-pressure lines.
  • 1 injection line with 2700 t pressure.
  • 1 3200 t combined high and low pressure line.

High-pressure injection

This is the most commonly used technology in the European plastics industry. Ribawood has two 1800 t injection machines with an injection capacity of 10 kg and another 3200-tonne injection machine with 30-litre injecting capacity.

Low-pressure injection

Ribawood employs this technology to manufacture products with thin walls, such as pool pallets or containers. We have two 500 t injection machines Tm.
The following types of injection can be incorporated within this technology:

  • Gas-assisted injection in structural web technology, which allows improved injection of thin sections and to obtain hollow ribs.
  • Gas-assisted injection with structural foam technology, permitting lighter weight injection.


Ideal for the injection of recycled, low-fluidity materials.

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