Channel of complaints

Welcome to the internal channel of Ribawood, S.A. This internal channel, also called the complaints channel or “Whistleblower Channel” in English, uses the “Guaranteic Compliance” platform as support, with which the company has subcontracted the service.

The channel has the following characteristics:

  • Denunciation form.
  • Confidentiality protection of the complainant.
  • Internal registration processes and denunciation resolution.
  • Information Panel State Complaints.
  • Channel of complaints, totally adapted to the legality and corporate rules: complies with ISO 19600 and UNE 19601, Law 2/2023 and European Directive 2019/1937/EU (Whistleblower).
  • Management and control of the compliance body.

You have access to the channel and information of this, in the following addresses:

Canal web form
Channel informative video
User training on the channel
Follow -up panel
Channel use policySee channel use policy
Privacy Policy Personal dataSee Privacy Policy Personal data