The plastic pallet manufacturing industry is a rapidly expanding sector as a result of the many uses of the product, its durability and its minimal impact on the environment. The gradual replacement of the classic wooden pallet by modern plastic pallets, arising from the numerous advantages of this latter, is leading to a growing demand for this solution in the world of logistics.

Ribawood, whose first steps in the processing of plastics were within the automotive sector, is now exclusively manufacturing plastic pallets for various uses, such as the containers or plastic boxes and crates for the hygienic transport and storage of foodstuffs.


Ribawood S.A.was founded in 1975 and focused on processing plastics and, specifically, on the extrusion of Woodstock® sheets, a plastic used in the automotive sector that, among other materials, contains a wood derivative. The use of this component led to the image of a pine tree in the Ribawood logo.
Following extensive experience in the automotive and thermoforming sectors, the first plastic injection mould was installed in 2005.

Pallet manufacturers

Nowadays, the Ribawood factory has 11 main injection lines with a production capacity of 2.5 million pallets per year(with high and low-pressure injection and injection-compression on offer), meaning it is the largest pallet manufacturer in Southern Europe. Our facilities have expanded and now cover over 20,000 m2.
Our commitment to quality, research and innovation, and to the environment, in all our pursuits has seen major companies including Heineken, Coca Cola, Freixenet and Codorníu and major supermarket chains partnering with us.


Ribawood produces pallets to be used in exportation and to provide an international service, selling its products to clients around the world. Based in Zaragoza (Spain), it has a notable presence in the market through its international clients which, alongside speedy service, ensures proactivity for each and every user of its products.

Customised projects

The company has clients throughout the European Union, as well as in northern Africa, Asia and North and South America.

The company has entered into various partnerships with other companies to offer a higher quality, more complete service worldwide. Additionally, we make customised tailor-made pallets in accordance with client needs, which allows us to control the manufacturing process and to add in or remove elements as required by the client.


The effort made by Ribawood to transform its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments into specific, measurable actions has been rewarded by obtaining external certificates that endorse a rigorous and environmentally-friendly production and management system. This ensures an effective contribution of the private sector to the sustainable development of society and, consequently, to the improvement of its competitiveness within the market.
Quality is one of our cornerstones. We manufacture products that meet the requirements of our strict quality controls and adapt to the various regulations and standards that are present in the industry. Ribawood performs quality controls on both the raw material and the finished product to offer unbeatable service to all its clients.

Reduced carbon footprint study

The ethical and communication commitments at the company, recruitment and professional development, rigorous workplace health and safety controls, reduced carbon footprint from industrial activity, proper waste management and recycling of materials, strategic investment in technological improvements and the policy of transparency are just a few of the strengths of Ribawood.
Involved in the pursuit of its business at the very highest level since 1975, the company is focused on the development of staff who are committed to their work and to significant personal and professional development in the future, whose main goal is to satisfy client needs so, while working side-by-side with them, they can gain a greater understanding of the work they undertake on a daily basis.


The verification of the conditions relating to quality and safety in the workplace is demonstrated by the corresponding official certificates, whose issuance and monitoring of strict compliance is carried out by the relevant entities.

Quality and Safety Compliance Certificates

We have had the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 2001.
We are now also certified by TÜV Rheinland Spain.
Likewise, we have been in possession since 2007 of the health inspection certificate granted by the DGA.

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