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The choice of the type of plastic pallet suitable for your company depends on its application, the size required (European, American, half pallet …), the load it needs to support, the intensity of use, the temperature and environment it will be used in.

The pallets have different characteristics depending on whether they are used in closed or open circuit logistic systems, or in a manufacturing plant, its storage and usage environment, temperature (low or high, freezers or industrial refrigerators), in-or outdoor, if they are going to transport dangerous goods (for example; corrosive material), if they will enter in automatic or manual palletizing, if they will be transported on roller conveyors or conveyor belts, if they require skids / runners and, if so, how many, if they have to be nestable or just stackable.

For example, an export pallet should be lightweight, nestable and hygienic (avoid sanitary procedures).Because of its reduced weight, it saves costs. It is important that the pallets are nestable to optimize storage space when not in use with loads.

However, a heavy duty or high resistant pallet is designed to withstand very high dynamic, static and rack loads, to withstand frequent reuse and impacts. They are usually highly efficient reusable transport elements (RET), made of recycled plastic by injection, compression, or foaming by nitrogen, and can even be re-enforced with metal bars to resist heavier loads and so resulting in high strength products.