Standard Purchasing Clause


  • Scheduled delivery dates/times should be in writing and are to be considered mandatory.
  • The risk of accidental destruction and / or deterioration of the products will be transferred to the buyer at the time of collecting them or as from the agreed date of delivery if the buyer is late in picking up the goods.
  • Any delay in delivery/pick-up on the purchaser´s part (or its contractor) should be communicated in writing, including the new date, to the seller and might occur in a daily surcharge as occupying non-planned warehouse space (discretion of the seller).


The warranty period will extend for one year from the moment of the reception of the merchandise. Inappropriate or non-compliant use of the product’s technical specifications is not included – only the manufacturer’s description of the product will be considered valid as regards to the properties of the products.

Domain reservation

At the time of the sale, Ribawood reserves the domain of the goods that are the object of this offer until the full payment of the amount. In the event of non-payment, the obligation of Ribawood to transfer ownership of the goods shall be zero and void, and Ribawood may consider fulfilling the contract or to terminate it. Once the full payment of the agreed price has been verified, the ownership of the goods object of the present sale will be understood as transmitted.