Ribawood has a design department that works alongside the client to develop tailor-made projects, fully adapted to the client’s necessities. Product customisation is work done under the guidance of the client, with the support of a skilled team whose extensive experience in the packaging sector allows them to provide support and advice.

We make use of the latest product design software and technology while maintaining ongoing contact with the client to ensure a comprehensive study is undertaken into the specifications of the product we wish to produce. Ribawood aims to be approachable, so the problems found by our clients can be understood and the right solutions found in the name of offering the best possible product.

With this philosophy of service and refinement, we have been working for many years with big clients/partners.

Among whose number: large food distribution chains, notable beverage brands and the leading producers of spirits. They have entrusted us with the design and development of customised solutions for tailor-made projects that include all the necessary features to dovetail with the use for which they are intended.

Personalización de la maquinaria para proyectos a medida | Ribawood

The commitment of Ribawood to our clients goes so far as to adapt our own machinery exclusively to these projects, offering personal oversight and making any modifications later deemed necessary.