Ribawood makes pallets from recycled materials sourced from pallets that have reached the end of their shelf life. Pioneers in the recycling of their own waste products, Ribawood has been able to give its excess materials new life and applications.

If you are looking for a company to recycle used plastic pallets, then look no further: Ribawood is a pioneer in waste recycling

We will take your plastic pallets and breathe new life into them via our modern recycling system. This way, the material reaches new sectors, including the automotive, agricultural or construction.

Ribawood -reciclado de palets, cajas y contenedores

Stable properties

One of the most evident advantages of the plastic pallet over the common wooden pallet is that its size is not affected by moisture, as the properties of plastic are far more stable than those of wood… Additionally, when a wooden pallet can no longer be used, a disposal service needs to be paid for to transport it to a landfill, while the end of the shelf life of a plastic pallet sees it produce residual value as the material from which it is made can be sold for recycling.

Ribawood - Gestión de residuos, certificaciones, objetivo residuos cero

Zero waste commitment

Recycling used pallets enables your company to comply with its zero-waste commitment, aside from the comfort gained from trusting a company that complies with strict quality protocols in its processes and end products, and which has had an ISO 9000-certified quality management system since 2001.It has also had a health inspection certificate since 2007 to ensure good production and management practices.

Ribawood - Cómoda descarga de palets de plástico

Cost reduction

Our new products help to make loading and unloading goods easier and to ensure maximum use is made of storage space. These new processes developed at Ribawood have enabled us to become a leading company in the sector. We have innovative pallet exploitation and recycling processes, aside from the development of new and tailor-made products that can transform the transport and storage systems in your company while seeing a notable reduction in costs.


Ribawood injects each of its projects with long-standing experience in the industry, along with cutting-edge technology at the service of plastics processing, a fine team who enjoy continuous training, and a wealth of knowledge about the plastic pallet market.
True development can only happen when technology works in tune with nature, helping in its conservation. And that is who we are: with a production capacity of 2.5 million pallets, i.e. preventing the felling of 300,000 trees.
Ribawood is committed to adopting an ecological perspective from when a product idea is conceived through to the end of its lifecycle, through the recycling of pallets from our factory when use can no longer be made of them, keeping the waste away from the ecosystem.
All our plastic pallets, crates and containers are reusable and 100% recyclable.