One of the advantages of plastic pallets is they occupy little space when they need to be returned, optimising transport costs and reducing storage needs.

This type of nestable pallet for exportationis perfect as it occupies little space on its return journey, thus optimising return transport. By using these pallets for logistics, significant added value is gained.

Pallets can be stackable, placing one on top of the next to occupy the height of each pallet plus its base/skid. However, nestable plastic pallets are different from stackable pallets as they can be placed one inside another, overlapping and considerably reducing the height of the resulting stack, aside from offering greater consistency.

Nested they can occupy up to 60% less volumethan the equivalent number of stacked wooden pallets because they are designed to nest simply and solidly. There are various ways of storing empty pallets: one on top of the other (traditional) or nested. In any case, the total volume will be less than that occupied by the traditional wooden pallet.

With nestable pallets, the skids slide into the lower pallet to remove the extra accumulated height, making the stack even more stable and providing savings in storage volume.

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