Caja E2. Cajas para el sector de la alimentación, especialmente carne | Ribawood


Food sector needs are perfectly covered by using plastic crates for transport and storage. Plastic crates are hygienic and very useful for logistics, as they enable goods that cannot be palletized to be moved and stored safely, protected from the elements with no risk of small pieces being shed.

There are many types of hygienic pallet, hygienic container or hygienic crate which provide the perfect solution for the food sector, or, equally, for other sectors. In particular, at Ribawood we produce plastic crates for foodstuffs in an E2 format–a yardstick in the food sector –produced in accordance with DIN 55423-1. The E2 plastic crate is designed to be used in the meat industry as it is a logistical solution which responds perfectly to the transport and storage of meat: it is made from very stable materials (plastics which do not rot or change in the presence of moisture), is easy-to-clean(both under pressure and using chemical products or manually), stackable and can be put into a circuit.

These crates are designed to adapt to any use that the meat industry can propose, in both meat product transport and storage, while offering all the advantages of a standard product: all the boxes are the same size, with the same features, and they nest perfectly.

Ribawood specialises in E2 crates (crates for meat products) which are compatible with the H1 hygienic pallet, for use in the food industry. In addition, we have a team of engineers who can develop and produce customised responses adapted to specific client needs.