Palet higiénico tipo H1 con cajas para alimentos | Ribawood


The food sector is an area which is experiencing an overall rise in the use of the plastic pallet, a consequence of its notable advantages in hygiene. The pallet is adapted to the European Phytosanitary Regulation (NIMF-15) and actions are facilitated as no documents on fungal treatments or origin are required. It is rot-proof thanks to the high-quality plastic used; in other words, its components will not degenerate over time or as a result of damp.
Both the smooth and the perforated versions are easy-to-clean under pressure or by chemical processes or manually given these plastics are resistant to most cleaning products and disinfectants, including acids and bases. Additionally, as they are impermeable (meaning they can be stored indoors and outdoors), they can be reused easily and returned to the circuit speedily. Thus, this is a more adaptable and effective storage and transport solution, in addition to making the activity far more competitive.

Ribawood produces H1 hygienic plastic pallets, including the H1 pallet for meat or fish crates. The standard product in use in its sector.

As the company manufactures pallets, it can also produce all kinds of made-to-measure products, customising the pallet, crate or container finishes to provide specific responses to cover client needs. One of the key advantages of Ribawood is its ability to adapt to its clients, working side-by-side to develop customised products together, from the initial idea through to the end product.