Pallet RBP 1200x1000 6P LISO Antracita | Pallet para logística. Cirucitos abiertos y cerrados | Ribawood


Plastic pallets are the ideal choice for open, closed or export logistics systems as they are highly durable, weight-controlled, extremely resistant and facilitate traceability, through systems like RFID technology (GPS location system) and bar codes.

The plastic pallets made by Ribawooduse the highest quality materials(raw or recycled plastic; both perform excellently) offer suitable durability for use in rotation circuits, closed circuits, high-rotation circuits, distribution, production and exportation or, alternatively, can be used for safe,comfortable storage on shelving at any height.

We have a wide range of pallets, containers and crates which can be used in the logistics sector to facilitate many processes while reducing their overheads as they are ideal for circuits.

Notably impact-resistant, they are the best option to replace the traditional wooden pallet, given they have a constant weight as they are not affected by moisture and no fungi, insects or bacteria can embed into them as they are made from easy-to-clean unalterable plastics. Furthermore, they do not merely have a greater shelf-life, rather they comfortably meet all healthcare regulations, thus averting the cost of phytosanitary treatment or document processing, given their very composition means they do not have to meet these requirements.

Aside from the models shown in our catalogue of plastic pallets, crates and containers, Ribawood has a team of product engineers who can work alongside the client on customised developments: a tailor-made response to ensure the inclusion of all the features the client requires to meet all specific in-use necessities: edging, braces, skids, anti-slip protection, etc.