Preventive measures against Coronavirus

Preventive measures against Coronavirus are key to guarantee the protection of our employees, suppliers, customers and the products in Ribawood.

The current health crisis means that companies must adapt to the new situation in a short period of time. Ribawood, being a company that currently has 103 professionals, had to reinvent and change the working-routines to overcome this crisis, guaranteeing the safety of its staff, but also of suppliers, customers and the product.

One way of contributing to the society has been the supply of raw materials to the company ‘Carpas Zaragoza’ to make sanitary Personal Protection Equipment: gowns, bootees, masks. Therefore, Ribawood has supplied 60.000 M² of TNT fabric to this Zaragoza company, very committed to those most in need to fight against this health crisis. A good example of collaboration between Aragonese companies for a good cause.

Preventive measures for workers:

  • One of the essential measures to achieve the protection of the workforce has been to provide PPE to 100% of its workers.
  • Making day-to-day work easier for transport professionals, providing them with food and services during their waiting time while they remain in the facilities, was also one of the first measures taken.
  • Flexibility has also been key in facing this crisis. Encouraging working from home by providing the necessary equipment and means for those who can carry out their work from home. This represents 15% of the workforce.
  • For workers who must travel daily to the facilities; a new arrival and departure time has been set up. Starting shifts ten minutes later and ending the same ten minutes earlier, this way avoiding crossing of work-shifts and thereby ensuring the social distance proposed by the Government.
  • Additionally, an important modification has been made to the staff signing-in system avoiding physical contact with the employees finger.
  • Establishing a daily control of body-temperature of the workers has been another of the preventive measures.
  • Visits have been restricted to a minimum. Only those that are essential for production are allowed.
  • The system for loading and managing documents with carriers has been modified.
  • In order to maintain, at any time, the minimum safety distance, food-breaks have been minimized to 2 at the time and manufactory and office staff work positions have been relocated.
  • Enough hydrogel supplies have been distributed in both common areas and offices.
  • It has been decided to hold teleconference meetings, including between members of the same work shift.