The sustainable logistics

Ribawood is aware that more than 25% of CO2 emissions in Spain are caused by logistical and transport movements, and alarmingly, this percentage is increasing, according to the European Environment Agency.
For these reasons, the manufacturing company continues to enhance its ecological awareness, as well as its concern for the environment and therefore, in addition to its continuous management of the carbon footprint, has a new internal laboratory, with highly qualified staff. Its aim is to test the raw materials used for the manufacture of our products, but also the development of innovative ideas that trigger, as a result, materials with a very low impact on the environment and that, through natural waste, can maintain or increase the quality of our crates, containers and pallets.
This is complemented by the installation of a recycling plant with capacity about 5000 tons per year that gets a double function: allowing greater control of the raw material, as well as improving the impact that a mismanaged product could generate. By this way, we close the circle of its useful life.
In 2019, Ribawood pretends to consolidate, even more, the ecological and sustainable conception, from design to after sales.